Orbitrek X17 Multi-Path Trainer
World's only machine that works your muscles through 17 different burn paths

5 workouts combined into 1 single machine

Low impact cross trainer with 17 burn paths and burn 34% more calories**

Stair climber
Stair climber

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  • Cross trainer burns 34% more calories* than a Stationary bike!
  • The first Exercise machine that feels like running in nature!
  • Better than a Stationary bike or Elliptical machine with 17 burn paths.

Dual-Crank technology explained

Experience 17 Burn Paths

5 workouts combined into 1 single machine

Low impact cross trainer with 17 burn paths

Elliptical Bike
Exercise Equipment
Treadmill Ellipticals
Compact Elliptical
Compact Folding Elliptical Machine Climbing

Exercise the Way Nature Intended!

Just like the terrain in nature is constantly changing, the Orbitrek X17’s multiple burn paths keep changing. This revolutionary movement destroys boredom as it challenges your body in new ways, burns more calories, and keeps your workouts fun and engaging!

Scientific Innovation Revolutionizes Exercise!

Through its one-of-a-kind, patented “dual-crank,” the Orbitrek X17 reinvents in-home exercise. This one machine combines the single paths of 5 machines into a new, natural movement that features 17 ever-changing burn paths.

Watch Orbitrek X17 inventor Willie Van Straaten explain this major engineering breakthrough that creates a game-changing fitness experience!

Treadmill Bike Orbitrac Features

Packed with Cutting Edge Features

The Orbitrek X17 allows you to untrain your muscles with its 17 different burn paths. Its compact footprint, interactive electronics, and other amazing features make it an incredible addition to your exercise routine! Small and Compact, the Orbitrek X17 is the exercise equipment for 2020!

Finger Touch Resistance

With just a simple turn of the knob choose from any of the 8 resistance levels.

Ergonomic Handles

Smart handles provide several key position points for a comfortable and convenient ride.

Storage Roller Wheels

Easy to move and store your Orbitrek X17 when it is not in use.

Wide Footplates

Adjustable foot plates fit any size shoe and keep you secure through the whole workout.

Dual-Crank System

Innovative dual-crank system provides the Orbitrek X17’s breakthrough 17 burn paths.

Interactive Electronics

On-Board electronics track your workout and progress.

Super-Compact Design

Orbitrek X17 packs an amazing fitness punch in a compact package. Its foot print is just 33"*21". That’s a lot smaller than a traditional treadmill or elliptical.

Whisper Quiet Drive Train

Silent operation means you can tighten, tone, and burn calories without disturbing your family.

Deluxe Electronics Upgrade

Electronic personal coach customizes workout to your fitness level and personal goals.

Optional Media Rack

Handy and convenient way to watch streaming video or online Orbitrek X17 videos while you work out.

† Media Device Not Included

Traditional exercise machines have only 1 Burn Path.

Orbitrek X17 Works your muscles through 


Different burn paths

Orbitrek X17: Burn More Calories In Less Time!

A leading university study proves you will burn 34% more calories** on the Orbitrek X17 than on a traditional exercise bike!

Real People LOVE the Orbitrek X17 Difference!

Testimonial 1

“The mind muscle connection is instant and you can feel every muscle firing! I love the Orbitrek X17 and can’t do without it.”

— Christopher

Testimonial 2

“You will feel your muscles working in way you never felt before it’s amazing!”

— Cynthia

Testimonial 3

“As a busy, working mom I love that I don’t have to workout for an hour to burn a lot of calories.”

— Susan

Testimonial 4

“I just jump on in the morning before work. It is so easy to commit to exercise when you see results in a short amount of time.”

— Chelsea


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